Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Random Quintet

1) Something that leaped to mind as I was heading to work the other week was that since RickRolling works so well when folks are expecting an actual song instead of just some random link, what better time/place for it than New Year's, when folks are expecting everyone to break into Auld Lang Sine?

Unfortunately, it came to mind as I was on my way to work for New Year's Eve, and no-one at work except the pastry chef's son knew what RickRolling was.

2) Last night, someone in New York City sent a text-message to my uncle's cell-phone, "Disco is an important part of a wall ballroom dance!". It's probably for me, given how left-field it is and that I've been using his phone number as a text-message center, but I've no clue who it is based on number nor message.

Nor do I know what a "wall ballroom dance" is. Is there such a thing as cell-phone phishing, meaning it's a truly random message that I shouldn't reply to?

3) Some folks over at the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have decided that fish need a better public relations campaign. As such, some of them are pushing to have fish referred to as Sea Kittens.

4) has that Robyn Hitchcock in semi-concert film, "Storefront Hitchcock" available! I tried to E-Mail you about it, allegedly, but it seems your EarthLink E-Mail address is kaput.

5) This year's belated birthday work-party thing went much the same as last year, involving a very large cake, heading to Christopher's pub, and handing out slices to everyone who wanted some. I didn't do the greatest job at unified slice size, but I'm guessing it was about 30 folks who took up the random cake offer? Chipotlé Chocolate cake, by the way, with cream cheese frosting (the sort of frosting you have on carrot cake?) Unfortunately, Priscilla is off in Massachusetts for the weekend, but other than that (and Christopher's being about three times as full/loud as I was socially comfortable with) things went quite dandilly!
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