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A rather keen thing my aunt picked up a while ago, and I tried out last week, are these wrap-on undershoe cleats (undershoe, like a counterpart to an overshoe. Sort of like spats, but below). STABILicers brand, as a matter of fact. They worked quite swimmingly for about three days, but then the toe-end of the cleats broke. I'm not sure if it's due to them being left on the shoes for 24 hours, if "medium" size wasn't intended for a Size 10 tank-boot, or if it was some combination of the two.

The ones linked-to above are technically the 'STABILicer Lite' model; the non-light version is an actual strap-on affair (as opposed to the spiky condom setup of the Lite model) and tends to go for $40, as opposed to the $20 of the Lite model. I'm guessing what you're paying extra for is the fact that if a part of them breaks, you can replace them. With this rubber model breaking, about all that can be done is to gut the cleats out of them and then make a new attachment assembly (which sounds tougher than it really is for me, here, since my uncle has a fully functional leather-shop up on the third floor, so it's no biggie to just recreate the $40 model out of critter parts instead of petroleum products).

In other news, ssha bought me extra user pictures and a paid account for a few months! Woo hoo and thank you! Unfortunately, I'm not sure what to do with it. All I can think of is the slew of extra user-pictures, but obviously, those'll go away before too long.

Oooh, but I can now make RSS LJ feeds! Which means I can see if I can set up Erin eSurance's fake web-log as a feed! That, and if anyone needs/wants me to set up an RSS LJ feed thingie, I can do that up for y'all. Just sharing the love, baby.
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