Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Holidays in the Twilight Zone

Two surreal X-Mas gifts from my Aunt:

1) What can only be described as a Pimp Santa hat. It's this, but with a white furry band instead of leopard-print. The hat itself is slightly furry, but not as furry as the band.

2) A Mystical Glitter® Color Phasing lava lamp. Ok, although it's by some apparently reputable lava lamp company, it's not really a "lava" lamp, per se, since there isn't any lava in it. Instead, it has glitter hanging out in the medium. There's three lights in the bottom, which cycle through blue, green, red, and back again. As they cycle, there's a little propeller in the bottom that swirls the medium about at variable speeds, making it sort of do this disco laser light-show effect. The oddest things about it (other than it, in of itself) are that it takes 3 AA batteries (three? I honestly can't say I've seen something that took three batteries. Usually it's one or an even number), but also can be plugged into the wall with a particular DC transformer. What's so particular about the transformer, you might ask? For one, it's not included; You have to order it off the website for $5 or something. For two, it's a 4.5 volt transformer. I believe this is the first time I've seen a transformer whose voltage output wasn't an integer.
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