Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Paradise and Fantasies

Downtown at the Red Martini tonight, I ran into Corey Paradise and Cullen Schneider! Well, "ran into" is a bit of a misnomer, since I knew Corey would be jockeying discs and I presumed someone like Cullen would probably be there as well.

Tomorrow is the New Moon Christmas Party, and we've yet to see Priscilla since Halloween. I had placed another ad in the Edge, but to little avail. Mind, I -did- find out two handy but annoying bits this evening.

1) Sarah (co-worker of mine) reported that she recalled that the first time she'd spoken with Priscilla, Priscilla had mentioned she had walked there. So that narrows down her radius from the previous "within 60 miles of Bangor" to more like three (that's 100 km narrowed down to 5 km, for you Commonwealthy folks).

2) Paul (owner of where Sarah and I work) came in near the end of the evening and asked if Priscilla had stopped in. We-all said no and asked why, and he said that he'd run into her downtown earlier today. Alas, I wasn't able to find out when, where, what "ran into" entailed, et cetera.

Speaking of the Edge, there's been a strange mystery ad running in the Edge the last few weeks. All it has is this. Curiosity and a working phone shall most likely get the better of me later this week.
Tags: priscilla
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