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cold shelf, Harrison ?

The other night, I had a dream where Justin Weinrich could do some sort of electromagnetic detection with his hands. It was about as versatile as the sonic screwdriver from Doctor Who, but was 99% just detection (could find a bit of metal amid a lot of non-metal, could "taste" the E.M. conductivity of metals and make an educated guess at what they were made of, ran a little risk of screwing up sensitive electronics if he scanned them too much).

Last night's dream, it was almost set in Bangor, but Main Street was a bit more rural. Over north of Brewer, there were some jets flying around in the night sky. After a while, it became obvious that it was three jets trying to take down two "enemy" jets. Initially I was just watching it, but then I got to wondering where the fired ammunition that was missing the targets might be landing? I mean, it's like in westerns when folks shoot their guns in the air? The bullets have to come down somewhere, and there's been at least one recorded instance of random bystanders being killed by the bullet on its way down.

It became a moot point when the two enemy aircraft were shot down. I'm guessing they had missiles still mounted on them, since when they crashed, the explosion was enough to fire-storm things for about a mile around.

Two junk mail bits!

The first is a screenshot.

I have my doubts that this is a real person (doubts even more doubty after seeing the larger version of the user picture). For better or for worse, the account was nixed before I could read the message.

The second is the standard surreal junk E-Mail.

Subj: cold shelf, Harrison ?‏
From: Terrell Weaver (
Sent: Wed 12/10/08 6:26 AM
To: Jeremy Henderson

dull potatoes
Sensuality tonight with cialis
from paralyses

by teeth nice moose

Who the heck is Jeremy Henderson? And I may very well name my first child Teeth Nice Moose.

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