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FW: Huge savings

From: Oluwasegun Savage (
Sent: Sat 11/29/08 7:54 PM

Viagr uq a from $1. 2 - Visit our site

hardly think-lacked for rage. Father, he told the corpse, it was you who told me that tears were a mark of
Just so, said Cat as they stepped into the gloom of a twisty little alley

The father-line is from A Feast for Crows and the cat-line is from Song of Ice and Fire, both by George R. R. Martin.

Edit to Add: Although I liked the sound of that Helium Trout band at the DNA Lounge this evening (across the continent), I think I would've been annoyed by them in person. In other news, I really liked the surf-punk version of Popcorn that shortly followed their act!
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