Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Tie to the Past

Three quick bits.

1) When looking through the latest Happy Chef catalog at work, I was struck by this tie...thing. The actual catalog item is the shirt, and that tie-thing isn't anywhere to be found. So...what -is- that? I've a rather high Tie Lore score, but I can't say I've seen anything quite like that, before.

2) The other month, I discovered that my #1 favorite radio station from when I lived in Denver has an online streaming whoosit (if that's wonky, try this and go with the top one of the three). I was worried about how it'd sound, since residentclinton had reported that the station's quality had gone south. But eh... I'm not sure. I was listening to it before I went to work today and heard Elvis Costello, James Brown, Indigo Girls, Sugar Ray, Taj Mahal, and Sting. Seems fine to me!

Note that I haven't managed to get the streaming whoosit to work on any browser other than Internet Explorer. Firefox looks like it's about to, but then nothing -- there's just a placeholder sort of thing where the player should be.

3) I was surprised to discover that Alex, in Lost, is someone I'd noticed before -- the actress also played the Leanne Braziller-esque character (mostly in personality, slightly in appearance) in Malcolm in the Middle's early seasons. Horse-faced (the actress, not Leanne), but in a way I like.
Tags: le musique
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