Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Public Service Announcement

Not only is this Remembrance Day (later renamed to Veterans' Day), but also was Kurt Vonnegut's birthday - Born 11/11/22 (really easy to remember).

Oh! And just for the record, midway through last week I had my gallbladder haunt me again. As per the last few times, it was nothing all that horrible, seeming no more like indigestion (although not actually feeling like indigestion). I've also found that the last couple months (starting from late September or early October, so more like a month and change) of doing 30-75 hanging knee raises each day at work have led to... (drumroll) being much better at doing hanging knee raises. I'll never have many external signs of productivity (since about the only way I could lose more than 10 lbs would involve me losing bones), but at least it looks less like a 1930s comedy routine when I do them, now. I'll probably start doing some weird V-up things that Jody suggested on non-work days.

For those wondering, Isaac Wright is alive and well, living up around Old Town. I can hit folks up with his phone number, if they're wondering.

I also couldn't wait until I ran into Priscilla again, so I up and made a second mix (and placed another ad in the Edge to let her know). Gosh darn it, the next time I run into her, I'm going to have to actually act like a normal person for at least a few moments and trade contact information with her.
Tags: mystery pain, priscilla
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