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It's a Box Company; They Make Boxes

I'm about two thirds of the way through the second season of Lost and I've already established an absurd theory (as I've decided to support by fabricating faux-evidence):

I really don't think the two polar bears ever really were proper bears. Based on the actions of the second one, I think they were just manifestations of Rover (if you don't mind the Prisoner/Lost crossover phraseology). That, and I never seemed to notice them mentioning having a few hundred pounds of rapidly spoiling bear meat on the dinner menu.

I like Jin and Sun quite a bit more, now that Jin's actually acting like a person (starting just before they began to build the raft).

In other news, someone suggested that, for some reason, I set up an Amazon Wishlist. I thought, "Eh, how bad could it be? I mean, there's probably just two or three things I'd put on there.". I really didn't expect it to get four pages long before too long.

In other other news, some folks (like allegedly), might be interested in such LJ Feeds as glossographia1 and languagelog.

In other other other news, I presume y'all have heard the pending hypothesis about dream colors? Some of you may have run into the oddness of hearing and reading that folks dream in black and white, and yet you clearly recall having a dream that featured some color. Now, in the past, I'd always guessed it must have been a matter of the dream actually being in black and white but there being a "dream memory" of a particular shade of gray being a certain color. Seems a current theory is that if you grew up with black and white movies and television, you dream in black and white. If you grew up with color movies and television, you dream in color. It's just that the research into it initially took place with subjects who grew up on B&W.

Now what I'm wondering about is what happens with folks raised without television or movies? And what about the whole "you can't read text in your dreams" thing that folks have claimed for years, yet I (and others, like yamiko) have clearly experienced evidence to the contrary.

Oh, and in other4 news, it's really quite handy to live in a state where you don't have to provide a reason to request an absentee voting ballot. It's much nicer being able to sit down and research the topics at your leisure, instead of trying to work out the double negatives in the ballot phraseology.
Tags: etymology, telemedia
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