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In watching the little spinny-thing as Firefox loads a page, the spinny-thing as Windows Vista completes a task, and my (relatively) new phone that's a mock-up of a 1930s phone, I'm back to my chestnut of noticing which things go clockwise/Deiseil and which things go counterclockwise/Widdershins.

Doorknobs are a tricky thing, though, since it depends on if the knob is on the left, or on the right. In looking around my house, the knob-side seems to depend on what's around the door (EG: the basement doorway is up against a wall to the right, so the hinges are along the wallside to the right and the knob's on the left. The back door opens up to the back hall, with narrow stairs up and down on the left, but the door to the rest of the house is on the right, so the knob's on the right. The front door opens up to the front hall, with broad stairs on the left and a wall on the right, so the knob's on the left -- All are set up so you don't end up having to walk around the open door to get to your probable next location) for the most part.

For those who are into such things, could you note (over the next few days, as you go about your business) which side doorknobs tend to be on, in situations where the knob could have been put on either side, from the perspective of someone entering the place associated with the door?

I -think- they tend to be on the left, so a right-handed person can turn the knob, and then shoulder the door open with the same arm. Which would mean front door knobs tend to register "clockwise" as the opening/entering spin, since the opening direction for doorknobs tends to be such that it goes up and over in an arc towards the hinges.

Poll #1276868 Knob-side?

Which side is the knob generally on, when entering?

Almost exclusively the left.
Mostly the left, some right.
Even mix.
Mostly the right, some left.
Almost exclusively the right.
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