Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

An Apple a Day

As jwz would say:

Dear LazyWeb --

Ok, so let's presume I have an iPod (iPod Mini, for what it's worth), and I have it synchronized to a computer at home, so I could load it up with some music. At work there's another computer that also has music on it; music that I don't have on my computer at home. With a minimal amount of poking around, it seems like the only way I could upload music from the work-computer to the iPod is if I download from the iPod to the work-computer, then resynchronize it to the work-computer, then re-upload everything (and do the same absurd routine again if there's more music else-computer I want to upload).

Is that truly the case, short of wiping Apple's software from the iPod and installing RockBox?

In other news, I met a very nice cat named Cirus on my way home from work, tonight. Cirus followed me for about half a block in front of the old asylum by Coe Park, before I sat down on the sidewalk and let him maul my tie.

In other other news, who says biological taxonomists can't have fun? Cases in point, may I present these Genus/Species of trilobites?
Arcticalymene viciousi
Arcticalymene jonesi
Arcticalymene cooki
Arcticalymene matlocki
Arcticalymene polgari
Arcticalymene rotteni

Mackenziurus johnnyi
Mackenziurus joeyi
Mackenziurus deedeei
Mackenziurus ceejayi

First six? Sex Pistols. Last four? Ramones.
I kid you not.
Tags: q&a
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