Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Te Amo le Mas

Finally heard back from St.Joesph's about how much of a medical bill discount I'll be getting, if any discount at all! The actual letter's a bit odd, since it listed how much of a deduction it is in the deduction's amount and not its percent and didn't list the adjusted total (IE: It said that it'd be $1,083 less than it was, but didn't say what was left nor how it'd adjust future bills). In looking back on where I totaled things up it seems their discount rate is... (drumroll) ...100%. Yes, One Hundred Percent. Ultrasound and bloodwork all done for free. I say again, Ka-freak'n-Ching!

They also sent me a little Benevolence Program business-card type thing, although it doesn't say what it's for. It just has my name, my St.Joe's Medical Record number, and my Birthdate listed as the Expiration date.

In other news, has anyone out there in TV Land heard The String Quartet's Tribute to the Pixies? Instrumental orchestral Pixies covers, it'd seem to be.

And in other other news, David Duchovny in Rehab For Sex Addiction (which is rather understandable, given Mrs. Duchovny).
Tags: mystery pain
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