Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Cast your Web to the Wind

So I've just been having no luck at all getting either the Flash or RealPlayer versions of the San Franciscan DNA Lounge's webcasts to work. Not on Windows 98, not on Windows XP, not on Windows Vista.

Mind, I've found that on 98, I can get the slideshow and the semi-soundtrack to work (I say 'semi' since you're just hearing what's being played over the speakers and aren't actually hearing what's going on in the club. That, or the patrons of the club are very nice and quiet?), which is better than the more advanced Windows systems can handle -- both XP and Vista don't like trying to play the *.m3u stream.

It's amusing that the best performance of the three systems is coming from the "obsolete" one, but still...the 30-second slideshow can't even be sped up by hitting F5 every so often, so I've no clue if these people are actually enjoying the mash up of the Clash's cover of "Should I Stay, or Should I Go?", but with some industrial-house backbeat?
Tags: telemedia
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