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Day Two: Yes, there was no 'Day One' entry, deal with it. New computer in the mail from my.. step-uncle? You've got my genetic aunt, Lucia, who married someone from Alfred Maine named Adam. Adam has a sister, who married someone named James. So the husband of the sister of the fellow that married my father's sister...something-uncle in law? Anyway, James sent me a new computer for me to put the hard-drive of my previous computer in. At first, things seemed simple, at midnight last night.

New hard drive in, won't locate it. After many hours of fiddling, it finally recognizes the diskette drive, the CD drive, and both hard drives. We're talking -many- hours. Around 9 AM last night, after 9 hours of fiddling, I tried a little bit to get it to access the internet to no avail, and to have better graphics than 16 color and the blockiest rendering possible. After sleeping, I tried it again. Graphics fixed in under three hours (and another computer, and a few diskettes). Internet access is still not accessing. It tries to dial it up, says, "Who wants a DSL portion of Internet?", and then.. then... nothing. Any attempt to actually -use- that there connection (via Explorer, via Netscape, via TelNet, via SimpleMU*, via a ping-plotter, via anything under the sun) fails. If one scopes out the 'info in/info out' meter, I've sent about 30,000 somethings and about 300 something have come back in. That's just enough somethings for the computer to realize it's actually connected.

We've tried new/different drivers (even though the old ones seemed fine), we've tried swapping out the old machine's EtherNet card with the new machine's one, we've tried different port-plugs (IE: different slots in there for the circuit board) and nothing. Obviously, this computer still connects so it's not a DSL issue but a 'that computer issue'. But! But! Other than the lack of internetting, it's working pretty well. I tried out some Tomb Raider and discovered two things.. 1) Pentium II is quite faster than my previous Pentium I. 2) I still really like playing Tomb Raider. Oh, and the opening credits of CyberSix are still really nice to watch in a dark room with the volume far FAR too loud.

More details to follow as they detail out.
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