Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Jah Guru Deva Om

Finished up the mix for Priscilla.

01 Across the Universe -- Grant Lee Phillips & Robyn Hitchcock

02 Summer's the Worst -- Michael Leviton

03 Big Fish -- Jesca Hoop

04 Rebel Prince -- Rufus Wainwright

05 Ant Corridor -- Robyn Hitchcock

06 Me Around -- Michael Penn

07 Silverscreen -- Jesca Hoop

08 Sunset -- Kate Bush

09 OK -- Michael Penn

10 Sad Little Moon -- Magnetic Fields

11 Candy -- Morphine

12 You and Oblivion -- Robyn Hitchcock

13 Savoy Truffle -- They Might Be Giants

14 Speed of Things -- Robyn Hitchcock

15 Slipping my Mind -- Michael Penn

16 The Curse - Ed's Redeeming Qualities

17 A Man's Got to Know his Limitations, Briggs - Robyn Hitchcock

18 Love & Love Again -- Jesca Hoop

19 Mary Lynn -- Michael Penn

20 Solpadeine -- Robyn Hitchcock

21 It's Not Safe -- Aimee Mann

(With the liner note of, "For further musical details, either consult your local musical library, or your local William Young ( youngwilliam at hotmail . com )")

My regrets about it are that the last song somehow decided to skip a few times near the start, and I wish I'd gone with some other Magnetic Fields song than "Sad Little Moon"; Something like "Old Orchard Beach" or "You Love to Fail". I also wanted to put Aimee Mann's "Jacob Marley's Chains", but I ran out of room.

I still mentally manage to make 90-minute mixes, although most of the CD-RWs I've seen/had are just 80-minute ones.

SEE EARLIER: Goodnight, My Someone

PS: I made a 'Priscilla' tag for the relevant entries, as well as a 'Jane' one for that Jane Wiedlin-looking person from almost a year ago. Oh, and there'll be a follow-up post to this one in about an hour, to be friends-locked for some strange reason.

PPS: New ad on The Edge to let her know, tossed up the evening of Wed 23rd.
Tags: le musique, priscilla
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