Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

That's How I Roll

For lilmissnever = The Octopus on Yo Head Flickr group.

For beleiri = In Defense of Rodney McKay. Which reminds me, I forgot to watch the season premier of SG:Atlantis last week. And doesn't have it on their SciFi/Rewind lineup. Drat drat drat! Mind, I missed it so I could go to one of it_certainly_is's Rock & Roll Parties All Night, so I guess I had a justifiable reason.

And for me, this.

Oh! And I heard back from Eastern Maine Medical Center's finance department today! My discount rate for the surgery? ..drumroll.. 100%.

Yes, One Hundred Percent, gallbladder removed for free. Ka-freak'n-Ching

Mind, this doesn't cover the services EMMC outsourced (like say.. X-Rays? That's Northeast Radiology and not EMMC), so I'll be chatting them up and, at very worst, messing around with some debt consolidation affair so I don't have to keep sending money orders of $5/week to five different medical companies .
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