Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Peruvian Flying Pike

1) Saw The Brothers Grimm on SciFi last night. I liked it! Shame the CGI effects stood out so blatantly with the "can't quite get darkness on darkness" thing failing. Still, the woodsman's shifting was quite nice.

2) Saw The Middleman on ABC Family tonight. suggested it a few times so I thought I'd check it out. Not bad! Quite cute! It'd be better without the teen hook inbetweener bits, but I'm sure that's what'll be keeping it on ABC Family.

Still, how many shows give you a chance to see an attractive young lady (as pictured above) beat up a flying pike, so as to stop trout-eating zombies, and investigating an energy drink called "!!!!" (if you're unsure how to pronounce that, do jazz hands, gasp with a smile, and stomp one heel)

3) About the only thing wrong with these undies is that they don't fit me they're not hanging off my bedside lamp the red bits of the skulls don't glow in the dark.

4) Called PCHC today about hooking up some cardio-diagnostic whoosit. And so we return to the answering machine telephone tag.
Tags: telemedia
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