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When Internal Organs Attack!

I know that if -I- were reading this, I'd be getting a bit sick and tired of reading my health stuff. And so, I'll put it behind a cut.

As some of you might recall, the Mystery Pain had kicked in about a half-dozen times before I finally decided "Ok, this is worth getting scoped out". Sometimes the pain happened a week apart, sometimes a few months apart. What finally clinched it was when, in February, I also started having that odd "bronchitis around my heart" feeling, the rashy feeling bit aside my neck, etc..

We're now a month post-op from the gallbladder removal, and I'm getting back into the swing of things in terms of regular physical exertion. The strange heart stuff that some folks thought might've been my body generally flipping out over the gallbladder issue? ...they seem to be returning.

Although my blood pressure and pulse rate aren't anything noteworthy, sometimes it just feels like my heart is beating harder than it ought to be. This happens more often and with more severity shortly after I lie down (PS: Although this is a very specific symptom, I've had lousy luck researching it. All my Googling turns up is stuff for 'congestive heart failure', which I don't think is the case since there's no congestion nor swelling nor breathing problems). It also seems to kick in more frequently and with more severity when I'm in an elevated emotional state. If it gets too far along, there's a downright odd "glucking" feeling in my chest for the occasional beat. Previously, it'd felt more like a muscle spasm near my heart instead of in my heart, but now I'm not so sure.

I haven't actually had any real pain, per se, from any of this at all. The closest there's been are feelings that made me panic and say, "Ok, that is NOT right!" Much like if you had never sneezed before in your life nor had heard of sneezing, and then you sneezed. It's not really painful, but it's not comfortable, either, and it's quite disconcerting.

The actual 'bronchitis around my heart' feeling hasn't returned since the surgery, though. Although the other day, it felt like it was almost creeping back in again, along with the feeling like I should have a rash along the left side of my neck.

Oh! And for bonus points, note how I said that an elevated emotional state seems to bring it about in spades? ( does Mountain Dew, now. Coffee? Nope. Espresso? Nope. Moxie, Coke or any other soda? Nope. Mt.Dew? Yep. Strange...) Trying to Google up info about heart stuff just does -wonders- at elevating one's emotional state, let me tell you!

I'm thinking I might have a harder time selling this one, though, when compared to the gallstone stuff, since so much of it points towards some weird new Anxiety Attack thing. Alas, I'd rather not "wait and see" since if it proves itself to not just be anxiety, there's an awfully high mortality rate.

PS: What do you -do- when you have your heart checked out, in the sense of the public service messages that suggest the elderly have their "heart checked out regularly"? As in, when I contact Dr. Holland (probably write her a letter tonight and then leave a message on her machine, since PCHC shan't be open again until Monday), what exactly should I request that would go beyond simple blood-pressure, stethoscope, etc.. stuff?
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