Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Kith Me Cubed

I think a thing that a lot of Changeling players (including myself!) forget is that the characters aren't supposed to be 'the Fae' nor the stuff of fairy tales. If you look at it, Changelings are to the True Fae as say... ghouls are to Antediluvian vampires, or as kinfolk are to a theoretical 'Gaia's Unas' that involved a critter that could turn into any other critter (not just person-to-critter, but also critter-to-critter, so you might have some wolverine-seagull Crinos thing). The actual True Fae would either be covered by taking Changeling and souping it up by playing Lost Ones or purely Chimerical beings that mostly kick around the Dreamings, but sometimes take ventures out to that cold and scary place called 'The Real World'. That, or taking Fae:DA and souping it down so that the Banality of the modern world can pack a whollop against them.

I strongly suspect that this is why my notions of making sure the Kith fits the person pre-Chrys are always met with blank stares.
Tags: rpg
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