Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Ghost Inside You

I've been haunted by the ghost of my gallbladder!!

So, about 20 minutes ago, I noticed an odd discomfort in my abdomen. Not off to any side, not all that low nor high, but just around about in my diaphragm area. Just like.. (drumroll) ..what'd precede the mystery pains!

It built up over ten minutes, then started to fade (during which time I popped one of my leftover Vicodin, then put on my shoes and shaved, just in case I was going to be paying an unexpected visit to medical folks). Thinking, "Ooookay, that was weird", I popped outside for a smoke, and before I even got 1/3 of the way through the cigarette, the pain worked back up again. Putting out the cigarette and going inside to sit down and check my blood-pressure and pulse (normal, by the way. 130 over like.. 68 or so, w/ 59 bpm), it started to fade again by the time the blood-pressure gauge was finished gauging.

I am going to be -so- peeved if the source of the Mystery Pain has been some sphincter of Oddi disfunction affair, all this time!

PS: Anyone in Southern California catch this in the skies, scant minutes ago?

PPS: The bottled A&W Rootbeer Float stuff is pretty good.

PPPS: For those fans of Stargate, and/or Twin Peaks, and/or X-Files, who didn't know? Don Davis (bald round military officer with a mid-southern accent, who headed the Stargate program, got the space-transmissions about the owls, and was Scully's dad) died of a heart attack the other day. I'm always disturbed by mention of folks dying of a "massive heart attack in the morning" -- do they mean after the person got up, or do they mean they were awoken by it?

PPPPS: I'd like to see a macro of Star Wars' Admiral Akbar with the text, "What? It's probably nothing; Don't worry about it."
Tags: mystery pain
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