Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Goodnight, My Someone

So! One of the cooks (David) came trotting downstairs in a tizzy, asking me if "that girl" had blond dreadlocks. I said, with no small blend of confusion and annoyance, "Yes?" to which he said, she might be upstairs.

I go upstairs and.. yep! It's Priscilla. She saw the ad in the paper and stopped by.

Ok! It seems she hasn't heard of Robyn Hitchcock, Jesca Hoop, or Michael Penn. But she -has- heard of Billy Bragg and felt that Mr.Hitchcock's work with Mr.Bragg and various folks from REM was a glowing enough endorsement to want me to copy some Hitchcock for her, she -has- heard of Tom Waits, so that was a glowing enough endorsement for Ms.Hoop, and my vague description of Mr.Penn's recent works struck her as quite promising.

So yes! Seems I'll be making a mix for her at some point in the near future, and then leaving it here at work for when she next randomly stops by. That, or I can place another ad to let her know when the mix is ready -- she/we didn't really arrange how she'd get the mix from me, but she seemed quite charmed by the notion.

She also kept giving me this odd look, like she didn't know what to make of me, but found it all terribly amusing. Hmm. It was very much like the look you see on the faces of folks who are doing a documentary about monkeys, and the monkey suddenly decides to climb up onto the monkey wrangler's head -- the wrangler wasn't expecting the monkey to do that, but the wrangler doesn't particularly mind, either. When I said the next ad in The Edge would have had "the om symbol" as its accompanying picture, asked if she knew what I meant by that, and started to sketch it out in the air, she gave the same confused/annoyed look that I gave David, earlier in this story (In a, "Yes. I know. Who doesn't know what that is?" way).

Oh, and it seems the bindi (AKA: dot on her forehead) is a regular accessory of hers since she even had it on today. She didn't have the white affair on that she had before (BLAST! Forgot to ask her about those shoe things!!), and instead had some foofy pants that resemble a blue skirt of mine.

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