Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Is it Wrong to Wish on Space Hardware?

So I finally got around to using the Gmail based Chat G-Talk thing this evening for the first time. Upon wishing I could combine it in with my Miranda IM system, I found that I -could-! Woo hoo! Unfortunately, it works off of Jabber and as far as I can tell, Miranda IM can only support one Jabber-based IM system at one time, and it's currently using the LiveJournal based LJ-Talk affair.

This poll's for those of you who use the LiveJournal Chat system and/or the Google Mail Chat System (or both), to help me decide which I'd get more mileage out of:

Poll #1209393 Jabber-Based IM?

Which Jabber-Based IM Systems do you tend to use?

LJ-Talk virtually all the way
Mostly LJ-Talk, some G-Talk
Half LJ-Talk, half G-Talk
Mostly G-Talk, some LJ-Talk
G-Talk virtually all the way
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