Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Abdominal Snowman

For those wondering what organ removal surgery looks like, a week post-op?

Picture-attempt with close-up setting: Bam!

Picture-attempt with normal setting: Boom!

ANTI-WARNING: They're not internal gory pictures. They're external "Will's abdomen with some tape here and there" pictures.

Note that those two odd little pokey bits above the base-of-the-sternum one and off to one side of the navel one were apparently part of the procedure. I'm guessing there was some stabby little tripod affair that lined the robo-scope up with the hole, thus making it look like I somehow have abdominal acne (or like they jabbed me with a pin a few times). There's also the stylish iodine stains, since I've been doing my best to not accidentally scrub off the SteriStrip bandages (one is apparently supposed to let them linger until they come off on their own), and the fashionable torso-stubble since they had to shave me from sternum to hip.

Disclaimer: Large sections of this post may have been sampled from an earlier comment to Miss "Wound Girl" stststutter.
Tags: mystery pain
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