Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

You Wish You Were a Bubbleman

So for those out there who have had, or know folks who have had, this laparoscopic surgery, where they had to inflate one, leading to bubbles floating about in one's abdominal and chestal cavities -- what do you -do- about the bubbles? I've had one lodge itself in the front of my right shoulder and.. yow! I mean, it feels just like what you'd expect a bubble caught in between the bone and muscle to feel like; Kind of like a knuckle that needs to be cracked, or like indigestion (but in your chest).

I presume it isn't an actual risk, but I just realized that I haven't turned up any advice on what to -do- about them. Other than wince a lot, of course.

PS: It's really annoying just how much stuff around the house is kept below knee-level.
Tags: mystery pain
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