Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Yeah, That Thing

So yep, that thing, that place; going to bed (which probably won't match going to sleep) at midnight after Venture Brothers, getting up around 8 Am, getting there tomorrow at 9:15 Am or so, surgery at 11:15 Am, and (hopefully) getting released between 3 and 6 hours later (or so I can estimate). I brought a cheat-sheet for LiveJournal posts via cell-phone, so I should be able to do one up as soon as I'm with it enough to ask my aunt or uncle (or boss, who'll be my taxi tomorrow) if I can borrow their phone.

The other day, Nurse Nicky finally got the EKG readings from my ER visit on April 18th. Seems she's surprised that it wasn't forwarded to either my general physician or the EMMC surgical center, nor noted on my ER discharge papers, since it shows oddness that tends to indicate something screwy with the left ventricle (that's the large bottom part on the left; last stop before it leads to the rest of the body). Mind, she's a cardiological nurse, so she -knows- her EKG reading -- it's not great, but it's not bad enough to really say that I have "a condition", it's not bad enough to probably present a mid-surgical risk, it's most likely (due to my good diet, it first showing up as recently as February, and all) just a side-effect of the gallbladder oddness, so it'll go away not long after the gallbladder goes away.

Needless to say, the information that it actually indicated a part of my heart and not just the theorized "infection near my heart" isn't doing wonders for my blood-pressure or pulse-rate. Nothing for bonus tension like news like that.

So yep, her guess is that my only concern "should" be post-surgical infection, but that's an awfully slim risk (NOTE: this didn't stop that one pal of mine getting landed in an infection-induced coma after her gastric bypass, nor another pal returning to the ER a month after getting her hernia treated).
Tags: mystery pain
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