Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Duck Soup

Scene: Laura and I, proofreading the Red Martini drink-list

Laura: I don't like how the description for the Dirty Martini says that it's made with olive brine. I mean, that just sounds nasty.
Will: Eh, hrm. I'm not sure there's another term for brine, except for 'salt water'. Emulsion? No..
Laura: Let's just change it to olive juice.
Will: Olive juice? It's not olive juice! I mean, if I let some oranges hang out in a bucket of water for a while, then gave you a glass of that water, telling you it's orange juice, I think you'll be gravely disappointed.
Laura: Yes, but brine sounds nasty. And I don't think anyone will nitpick if it says "juice".
Will: I know I'd certainly nitpick it! I'm not going to lie just so it sounds nice. If you want it to say "juice", you can go downstairs and edit the menu, since I morally refuse to.

Cut to the next work-day. The menu still says 'brine'

Will: Here's an idea. Water. Olive water. I think that fits my criterion of being not a lie, and your criterion of not sounding nasty.
Laura: I still want it to say olive juice.

Note that neither Laura nor I actually work for the Red Martini, and there are at least two folks over our heads who are more in-charge when it comes to the Red Martini menu. As such, it's not like either Laura nor I can really pull rank on each other (although we can certainly jump rank and try to bend Paul's will towards our differing opinions).

What say you, good people? What seems best to go on the menu?

Poll #1198962 Olive what?

The stuff olives are floating in when you get them, jarred?

Olive Brine
Olive Juice
Olive Water
Olive Other (explain below)
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