Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Paging Dr. Waldo

Just got a call from EMMC; seems I shan't be having standard laparoscopic surgery.

Instead, I'll be having the robotic assisted laparoscopy!! Ok, normal laparoscopy, they stab you a few times and then poke around with fondue forks and things through the tiny holes (after inflating you with a bicycle pump so they've room to work). If you grab a pencil and pretend you're doing it to yourself, you can imagine how there'd be some fiddling around to shove the liver out of the way and all, to worm in to the common bile duct, et cetera.

With the da Vinci robo-laparoscopic system, they send in a small waldo robotic-arm affair that does all the wiggling, bending, and worming once it's inside of you, instead of folks having to try to work with static tools. Compare it to picking a lock the standard way, versus picking a lock with a robotic worm.


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Tags: mystery pain
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