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Fae Form Foo

So, the picture at got me to thinking; note the horns? For those of you not familiar with WoD Changeling, you've got your Fae Form overlapping your Mundane Form. This (imagine her with blue skin) is how her 'Fae Form' looks, while her Mundane Form would look like a normal person upon whom this sketch is based. Now, the Fae Form parts have a hard time overlapping Mundane things, like say.. her hat? She'd have to have holes cut in the brim of her stetson to let those horns through, or have the hat be a Chimerical hat (IE: Not a real hat, but a hat made out of Fae-Form-Stuff). Normal folks would see a cute girl with holes in her hat for no apparent reason. When the wind blows, her hat would tend to say on (since there're her horns holding the hat on) probably. 'Probably' since they never fully clear up details about that.

And! It's those details that get to me (surprise surprise). A nice summary I read of 'Running a Changeling Game 101' had about 2/3 of the action take place in the Mundane world and 1/3 of it take place in the Chimerical world. And yet, a slew of folks tend to set things up (like this hat) so that there's more emphasis on the Chimerical (IE: The horns and the holes that allow them) than on the Mundane. More like they're a Fae-thing who is inconvenienced by the Mundane world, instead of someone working at a middle ground; there's a game term for a character who feels they're a Fae troubled by the Mundane...'bedlam'.

For some reason I thought there'd be more of a ramble attached to this, but I guess not. Blast. I may edit more details in later once I get home.
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