Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Mystery Pain, Reagan, and Who

1) Woke up just before my 1 o' clock alarm, feeling a bit dizzy, as if I woke up slightly drunk, sleep-drugged, sick, or thick in a dream. Heading downstairs, I soon noticed that I was unusually shivery for it being 68-70 degrees, and with two shirts on. When the shivering got to the point where both my pectoral muscles would contract at the same time (leading to it looking like I was pantomiming pulling a shopping cart towards myself), I figured it was about time to lie down on the sofa with my feet elevated and a wool blanket. Started to pass after an hour or so, followed by the "case of the vapors" that have been the signature of gallbladder ooginess, so no big whoop. Just thought I'd cite it here for the record.

2) While cached out on the sofa, NPR was playing various speeches of Senator Kennedy. One was from the 1980 campaign, when he was striving to be the Democratic Candidate (didn't get it, it went to the potential re-election of Carter, instead, which actually ended up as Reagan's first term in office) and was harshing on the Republican Candidate (IE: Reagan). Although 1980 is recognized as being pre-Alzheimer's for Reagan, it seems he was still a little off, if one believes the quote Kennedy attributed to him, "Over 80% of the current air pollution has come from the plants and trees" Yeah, not hard to believe that this was the spearhead of the current administration.

3) See Doctor Who potential author rumor here. Woo hoo! From the same site, Nancy Kress sounds like she's been penning some interesting works.
Tags: mystery pain, telemedia
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