Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Guess I'll Take the Papers and Go Home

Some may say I've gone nuts. I like to think that my lingering fear of something worse than gallstones (and the chance of pulling an Andy Warhol) has pretty much convinced me to stop playing the Cyrano DeBergerac card, even if it's just letting someone know about Robyn Hitchcock, Aimee Mann, Michael Penn, and Jesca Hoop.


Priscilla of Rockland/Rockport
The evening of Wed 21st, someone with blond dreadlocks, named "Priscilla",
came in the New Moon (in Bangor). Should she return, there is some
(potentially new) music to be set aside for her to borrow.

Now running in the slightly Bohemian (relative to Maine publications, it's actually awfully Bohemian, unless there's some paper out of Blue Hill that I'm missing) Maine Edge, which is like a really low-budget version of Westword.

There's also an envelope by the phone, up in the bar, with a "If this person shows up, give her this" note on the outside and a "Have you heard of these four musicians? If any is a 'no'-answer, let someone here know and we'll try to get a sampler-mix to you" note on the inside.

For those wondering why I said Rockport/Rockland? Seems there's both a Rockport and Rockland, in Maine. No Rockville though, so folks are safe from me singing REM songs every time I mention her.

SEE EARLIER: What Girl, Where?
SEE LATER: Desperately Seeking Susan
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