Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Blood is Precious: Yes or No?

Memo to Me (and anyone who cares):

Thursday 22nd 3:15 pm - Meeting to talk with Dr. Devereaux at Surgical Endoscopy of Maine (885 Union St, Ste 205)

Some point between now and then (probably Monday or Tuesday) -- Bebopping up to St.Joseph's to get some bloodwork done (which they'll then forward to Doctor D.) to see if my whole gallbladder/pancreas/liver complex is in good humors or not (there's a little pun there, but I don't expect anyone to get it, or to admit to getting it). Odds are it's hunky dory, since I haven't really shown any failing bile-system symptoms.

Alas, Doctor D's assistant had no real guess as to if the night-time bile-purge the gallbladder does has any correlation to the amount of fat eaten during the preceding day. I've been wondering about that lately, since my stones have only been thrown during the night-time purge and not following eating cake, cheese, or pork. As such, I've been wondering if I can just go back to eating like a normal person, since obviously this nigh-fatless diet didn't prevent the throwing of stones. Looks like I'll have to ask the good doctor, himself.

PS: Finally got word back from the State of Maine concerning their "MaineCare" program (which picks up where Medicare leaves off); I was correct in guessing I made too much to qualify! Want to know just how much "too much"? (...drumroll...) $1/day. Fortunately, both St.Joe's and EMMC have policies to pick up where MaineCare leaves off that'll cover me quite tidily (Note to Non-American Folks: Yes, it's as absurd as it sounds). About the only bill that might not be is the Maine Spectrum Group's bills for the ultrasound, X-Rays, etc.. since they seem to bill separately from EMMC and St.Joe's, so I'd guess they have different policies?

PPS: I've a pal else-state who just (like just) underwent fairly emergency-like surgery for a hernia. Her description of it, post-surgery, over the phone? "It feels like they sawed me in half". Thankfully, I'll just get spindled under a half-dozen times (and have my abdominal cavity inflated), at worst.

PPPS: Here's a charming web-log, covering most anything one ever wanted to chat with someone else about, concerning gallbladders and the common maladies thereof.
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