Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Dead Things? Extra Teeth?

Hey look, kids! It's a (free .pdf) Neverwhere RPG!

Caveat Emptor -- it's what some folks like to call a "filthy hippie game". IE: You don't have a Strength/Muscle/Physical quantified stat, but instead you're "good at fencing", thus getting a +2 when stabbing folks (since there are two terms that apply to the action). It's also a touch incomplete by some folks' yardsticks, since there's no real health/wound/combat/etc... system

I toss a rock at you. I roll to see if it works; I make the roll. Are you knocked out? Are you bleeding? Are you dead? Does the fact that you're rock-struck make your attempts to toss a rock at me any harder? If you're not dead, how many more rocks can you withstand being hit with before you -do- die (or get knocked out, or start bleeding, or show some symptoms that'll adversely affect your rolls)? We've no clue.

Of course, one easy fix is to add Contextual Adjectival Damage. Namely, let's say I'm "quick", I'm "good" at "fencing", and I "knit". You hit me with a rock -- I can either drop one of those positive traits, or I can pick up a negative trait (I now have a "limp") which gives you +1 vs me, if you can work my flaw into your action. If I pick up enough flaws and/or lose enough positive traits that I effectively have 0% chance of making any rolls, I'm down for the count. Combat? That'd mean I'm dead. Blackmail? That'd mean I give in to your demands. Et cetera. If I want to regain those or work off the negative traits, it's just like the standard "buy a new trait" system with XP.

PS: Y'all have seen Neil's Oracle, right?
Tags: rpg
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