Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Mystery Pain, Coming `Round the Bend

So after reading a Hellraiser graphic novel, I went to sleep last night around four AM. About three hours later, I woke up with what -felt- like the onset of the Mystery Pain (tm). It struck me, "Hey! I wonder if it'd help if I were to hit the ER while the pain was going on, instead of my going in when I was fine?" Unfortunately, the Mystery Pain can be short-lived and I've no clue when the onset started, so I'd no way of knowing if it'd still be mysteriously paining by the time I could've gotten to the ER. As such, I thought I'd give it a couple dozen minutes to see if it was waxing and waning -- as luck would have it, it started to wane around 7:15 AM.

Then, if you'll pardon my French, it all went to Hell.

Basically, every minor side-symptom decided to kick in at the same time. As the pain started to fade a bit, I had a quickly rising flush/fever. That faded, to my basically starting to "white out". I quickly scoped out my blood pressure and it was like.. 78/42 or something scary-low. The next five hours were spent shivering and tossing up yesterday's dinner, along with the mystery pain itself.

Man, that was horrible! It finally faded around one in the afternoon and I caught a few more hours sleep (before calling in to say I shan't make it to work), but I still feel like I spent five hours of last night either doing thousands of sit-ups or being beaten in the stomach with a lead pipe.

On the up-side, I found that my ultrasound appointment is this Wednesday! On the down-side, it's this Wednesday at 9 AM (with 9-12 hours fasting beforehand) -- I'd be half-tempted to just stay up for the appointment, but it'd make the fasting thing easier if I were asleep during the fasting-time (with the downfall of that meaning I'll somehow have to doze off around midnight; I may try the lullaby of a drink or two on Tuesday evening to make sure I zonk out).

Tags: mystery pain
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