Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Clay Lies Still, but Blood's a Rover

Medical update stuff! Put behind a LJ cut for those who are sick of hearing about it.

On Thursday, PCHC called back and left a message on my machine that yes, they can fit me in on Monday afternoon. Later Thursday and earlier today, I called (got voicemail both times) and said, "Yes! Sounds dandy! When on Monday should I come in, and with whom should I meet?"

Alas, no call back as of yet.

Today, I set out on my way to work, and part-way along I noticed that I was unusually thirsty. I was a bit oddly thirsty beforehand, but didn't think too much of it (other than the thought required to drink a glass of water). Shortly afterwards, I started to feel a bit woozy and light-headed, so on a whim I slipped my hand under my coat to feel my heart. WOM-WOM-WOM-WOM-WOM!

Ok, not good.

I didn't take my usual shortcut by the river, instead heading towards work via downtown, where I recalled there was a pay-phone not too far away (so I could call work, have someone there drive over, pick me up, and either take me to work or to the ER). Alas, it seems they moved the pay-phone. By the time I got to work, my heart didn't seem to be wom-wom-ing anymore, but I still felt a bit woozy and dizzy. Eh, I'll see what comes of it. A few minutes in, and I suddenly get this crampy pain. In my left arm. In a spot where there hasn't been any injury or anything.

Ok, really not good. Just a wee bit too much like the prelude to a heart attack.

I head upstairs, explain what's up, they drive me off to the ER. I explain to the folks there what's up, they hook me up with electrodes and blood pressure monitors and all, draw oodles of blood, check blood sugar, have me crunch down on four Aspirin chewables, hook me up to an oxygen line, the whole nine yards. Everything is within perfectly normal parameters, save that the tail-end of the Electrocardiogram they did was a little abnormal. Nothing absurdly strange (nothing worth keeping me there for), but just not quite normal. Not quite normal enough for them to cart me off and do an X-Ray of my chest (both straight-on and from the side). Bloodwork turns up nothing (although they're supposedly still fiddling with it and would let me know within 24 hours if there's anything odd found), X-Ray turns up nothing. Not much more they can do, and both the thirst and wooziness have abated (which is odd in of itself, since I hadn't drank anything since this all started -- obviously the thirst wasn't due to simple dehydration), so they suit me up and discharge me (whereupon I head back to work, wrap things up, then come home).

Oh! And when I got home, I manually checked my heart-rate again (Note: This'd be after walking the mile or so from work to home) and noticed that it seemed about as fast as the wom-wom-wom rate. Nothing else, not particular labored, but just the same rate. Taking my coat off, I checked my BP and pulse and...perfectly normal. It was my standard 120-something over high-seventies for pressure, and 88 BMP for pulse. Still, The mystery thirst and wooziness were odd, which fortunately led to the first confirmation that "Yes! Something is measurably odd within me!"

Take -that-, Doctor "Probably just poor digestion & circulation" from the EMMC Walk-In clinic last fortnight!
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