Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

King's Bishop's Pawn to KB3

So I was just now dabbling around with writing a softcoded "qualified" chess program for an online text-based RPG (qualified in the sense that it doesn't actually say what piece is moved where, but instead just lets one know if something was done, something was done well, something was done badly, or something was done game-winningly, letting the folks involved cover the nitty-gritty quantified details on their own), and I got to wondering about a thing.

Namely...(drumroll)...About what's the demographic breakdown for roughly how many moves a chess game tends to last, preferably with pieces captured on the same chart (IE: Two folks sit down to play a game. About how many moves in will the first capture be, on average? About how many moves will the first check be, on average? About how many moves will the game last, on average?) Yes, I know it can vary greatly, but's simple data that one can easily collect over a broad range of chess skill and clearly chart, so I'm presuming someone somewhere must have done it at some point.

If folks have been charting out Knight's Tours for the last couple centuries for no good reason, I'm sure someone must have done the leg-work for this.

For those wondering, yes, I just asked Carl Eaton about it.
Tags: geek-chat
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