Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Get Paranoid, Riff! Now, Get Really Paranoid!

The night before last, when trying (and failing) to watch Torchwood, I found that I felt unusually chilly and shivery. Then I started to feel thirsty. Then I started to get generally "scared" for no apparent reason. Lying down, I noticed that by my own hand, my forehead felt warm (could be a cold hand, could be a warm forehead, could be both). I was more aware of my heart-rate than I felt I ought to be, and my stomach was gurgling up a storm. After an hour or two it passed, though.

Next day (yesterday), I reflected on it and realized that those pretty much sum up the symptoms of low-level shock. Very very low level shock, but still fits with shock (and yes, allegedly, it also fits anxiety attacks, save that I felt fine and calm save for some irrational looming feeling of dire foreboding).

Last night when I got home from work (around eleven or midnight), I checked the temperature in the house (60 F. I think that's 10 C, for you metric folks?) on a whim. Later, around three AM, I started to get the above stuff again. I checked the temperature again, and it was still the same (even though I was shivering). An hour or so later and it faded (faster than the previous time), and was replaced by my feeling feverishly overheated. Again checked the temperature, and again still the same. I talked with James (pal of my uncle's, living upstairs on the heels of a messy separation/divorce) for a few hours to get my mind off of it, heading off to bed around seven. Oh, and while talking with James, I got out the stethoscope, showed him how to scope out his heart, and then had him compare his to mine -- even though my heart-beat has been seeming odd to me, he said mine was actually slower than his (albeit not unusually slow, and also sounding clear and steady), even though I just trotted downstairs and back upstairs again to get the stethoscope (while he sat around upstairs).

Whereupon.. (drumroll) ..the darn chills and all started happening again! Around eight thirty or so, they seemed to abate so I went to sleep. Waking up a touch early (say.. two?) this "morning", I still felt a little over-chilled, but not as bad as before I went to sleep.

Still! To cut to the chase, I'm quite sure I shan't be waiting for the Penobscot Clinic to open on Monday, but instead shall go with the higher-budget Eastern Maine Medical Center Walk-In care tomorrow, if not after work tonight, if not instead of going to work tonight.

When I do go, should I end up admitted and not just scoped out, I'm not entirely sure how well their providing of online access is for patients. As such, if I vanish offline for a bit, that's probably why -- Just thought I'd let folks know so they're not cursing me for not working on some @bell and +whistle softcode, while I'm strung up on IV saline drips.

9 PM Update: The EMMC Walk-In Clinic is basically a glorified High School nurse's office. Stethoscope and sphignometer, stitches and splints. They suggested I hit the ER (a few miles in the other direction) if something seems dire before I can set up a regular appointment with the PCHC place.
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