Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Advice for the Lovelorn & Senseless II

I think I may've worked out the "Why would one want to date someone, when one already does just about everything datty with the person already?" issue.

Now, it might be the limerence talking (Wow, I love that word. Looking over the symptomatic checklist is like a hypochondriac pouring over WebMD entries, or like the Ascertain guy from Kids in the Hall), but generally when one is "terribly sweet on" someone, one has that person's life, well-being, and happiness in mind; it'd be just jim-dandy if one could somehow assure the quality of that person's life, well-being, and happiness. Now, in theory, one could cover that by fixing up the someone with a third party who could meet the requirements, but you really know that third party will get it right? Can you rest knowing that they might be slacking off at their job? It's a far safer bet to just do the job yourself, and doing what you can to stave off anyone from attempting any experiments to insure this person's quality of life, well-being, and happiness.

If the someone knows you're doing this and is down with it, is that not pretty much dating the person?

And if the person doesn't and isn't, that's stalking. But hey, who's to nitpick?
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