Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Your Embrace & My Collapse

So I presume y'all have seen the looping ads for that show "Actual factual online users"? Most of them just show a person supposedly trolling the website, but there's at least one that strikes me as both exceedingly odd, yet also exceedingly predictable.

Now, the ones with folks sitting around in front of their computer are odd enough. I mean, how often do you record yourself with a web-camera, while kicking around the internet, on the offhand chance that you actually catch yourself doing something interesting?

The one in question starts with this. Our heroine enters from the right, with a sweat-shirt jacket-affair on and a few books in hand. In theory, she's just getting home from the library, book-store, class or something, right? As you can see, she enters and notices something interesting on her computer screen. This, of course, leads to her sitting down and scoping out the interesting bit.

First off, what's so interesting on her computer? Is there some "Have your computer click around various parts of one website while you're away" thing that I don't know about? I know there's a FireFox "StumbleUpon" extension that plays the Thesaurus game with your browser when you've nothing better to do, but I'm not sure if it stays on one website. So yeah, it's a bit strange that she's coming home to find something unexpected on her computer, unless she's had it randomly hitting links or if she's left a chat-window open.

Second off, I guess she also accidentally left the web-camera on when she last left the house, since it's apparently running when she comes home? Which, again, seems awfully unlikely.

The far-too predictable bit comes near the end. Once I got past my initial wondering about exactly how this situation came to be, I predicted, "Ok, they're going to play the Hot Librarian card. Much like that really bad film with Kathy Ireland, she's eventually going to change her clothes, let down her hair, take off her glasses, and we'll all pretend to be amazed that she's actually attractive." She takes off the sweat-shirt jacket-thing, lets her hair down, and plays with her lips for a bit (It's a Flash-based ad, so I can't easily grab the whole thing for your viewing, unless I get some Flash-grabbing extension for Firefox), but the only surprise was that she left her glasses on. I was really expecting her to at least bring them down along her nose so she could look over them.

PS: Who thought E-Tracking someone with the last name "Jaeckel" could be so hard?! Nate Spearing, Nate Bradford, Annie Jaeckel, and Jessie King are currently "on deck" for Bangor folks whom I haven't seen in a decade or more that I've been biting at tracking down.

PPS: Is it just me, or does something just seem off-kilter about the gist of this banner ad?

PPPS: For those who know their HTML computery whoosit things, what'd be the easiest way for me to keep my LiveJournal layout roughly the same (IE: not many bells and whistles, simple green background, those daisies of mine up top), but with the "show all the tags in a sidebar, with the more commonly used tags in larger print" thing going on?
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