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Advice for the Lovelorn & Senseless

So the other day I was imagining, were Michelle Spragg in the same city I was in and neither of us were involved with anyone at the time, if I'd ask her out on a date. The answer to if I would ask, of course, would be "Heck yes! In a New York minute!". But then I got to thinking...why?

Ok, what do y'all do when first going on dates with folks? You hit movies, cafes, concerts, etc.. you head out to places purely for the sake of seeing the places with each other. Hit parties. Go drinking. You loan each other books, movies, and music. You borrow/loan jewelry for indefinite periods of time. You chat quite a bit, in person, phone, and letters, over a wide range of topics. You don't mind if they stop by your house when you're not there, waiting for you to get out of work. You don't mind if they ask to crash on your sofa when it's a long and dazed trip home. Generally, you confirm or deny the theory that the two of you get along.

Well, whenever Michelle and I are in the same town, we already -do- all that. Yes, none of that's really happened much in the last fifteen years or so, but that's because she's been out of town. But still, we already -do- everything one does dating-wise, save for fooling around! And fooling around really isn't my primary incentive in it! If I imagine some bizarro-world scenario where she said, "Yes, I'll go out with you, but it's to be purely without any prurient activities going on between the two of us", I'd still go for it! Obviously it'd be better if there wasn't that stipulation, but that's neither here nor there.

Which, perhaps, could be why I've never asked her out?
I've no clue. It's one of those times where I'm trying to work out why I do what I do.
Which also doesn't mean it's a rhetorical question; oftentimes it helps to work out why I do what I do if I can find out if everyone else does it, or if I'm just thinking Will-specific alien thoughts.

For those who don't recall who this Michelle person is:
Picture =
Dream =
Dream =
Dream =
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