Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Close my eyes and wake up there, in Dreamland

Last night's dream involved a lot of flying. Not my normal hovering (my, that's an oxymoron) but instead it was through a mini-plane type affair, about the size of a vacuum cleaner. I didn't have to straddle it or anything, but could just sort've angle it the way I wanted to be directed away from (I kept thinking in the dream it'd be safer if I had one in each hand, but it seemed to work out well with just the one in my right hand). It was awfully safe, too, since when I once caught my foot in the propeller, it just made an unhappy buzzing sound and didn't chop my foot off (and thus was easy to get myself flying again).

I realized I was probably getting low on fuel, but I wasn't sure if I should hit an airport or a toy-store. I opted for the latter (since it was on the way to the airport), and buzzed down onto the southwest side of my dream Denver (which more resembles the casino city in Final Fantasy. The one you can race Chocobos in, and you pick up Cait Sidhe in?). Landing by this very big toy-store, I was fixed up by the clerk who seemed rather familiar at first, although I couldn't place where I knew him from. He filled up the tank with about a quart of some thick viscous fluid (guess that was gas?), and then I realized that he was some sort've Charley McCarthy doll brought to Promethian/Pinocchio life (which is why he seemed familiar).

No moral to the dream-snippet, just an odd big of flight.

In other news, the mystery lower-chest/upper-abdominal pain returned on the night between Sunday and Monday! Didn't get as bad as it has before, which is annoying. If a mystery pain shows up out of no-where, having not shown up for at least six months beforehand, you'd really think it'd be worse than before. I've now taken to recording the details in locked entries, so I can get more of an idea of how often they happen and the symptoms surrounding them (although that sounds like I have a decent record of them, when it's just this one).
Tags: dream, mystery pain
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