Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Three Hundred Sixty Five Degrees (burning down the house)

So obviously, metric time never caught on (except in my and allegedly's hearts), thus us not having 2 Decidays (dD) 2 Millidays (mD) 29 Nanodays (nD) instead of 4:51:18 AM.

But something that just now struck me as strange is that degrees, in the sense of angles, is still a wonky system; 360 is comedic, 180 is a U-ey, 90 is a right angle, and 45 is pointy. Should there not be "degrons" or something, where 100 is comedic, 50 is a U-ey, 25 is a right angle, and 12.5 is pointy?

Gradians are close, but it's still some odd "400=full circle" thing, with that "4" breaking the standard metric decaphilliccentric pattern.

Extra Credit: From the Wiki article on Gradians (AKA: Grads)
In the decimal day of 10 decimal-hours per day, 100 decimal-minutes per hour, the Earth would have rotated 400 grads. Additionally, one grad of arc along the Earth's surface was equal to 100 kilometers of distance. This gave the Earth a rotational velocity of 40 kilometers per decimal-minute.
Alas, they went with the odd "decimal-hours" and "decimal-minutes" instead of my more elegant Decidays and Millidays. Still, if we trust Eric Idle's astronomy song, it seems 40 KM/mD = 900 M/H.
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