Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

The Moon Inside

The earlier parts (and the vast bulk) of the dream are missing, but cutting into the program already in progress, I and a few other folks (maybe Evan Johns?) are outside in Bangor at night. We're along Ohio Street, by the Orphanage and the Standpipe, looking up at the moon. For some reason, it seems odd and meaningful that the person I'm talking with (who might be Evan) can't divide the image of the moon into quarters and notice that the lower left quarter looks a bit stripy. It seems to somehow relate to being able to roll your tongue or how your mother's father's hair-loss is carried on to you.

Either way, we continue walking towards downtown along Ohio Street. I look up at the sky since a plane (it was actually some odd gyrocopter thing) was flying overhead, and I notice that the moon looks a little weird. I can't quite place what seems so odd about it, but then it suddenly dissolves. It doesn't fade away, it doesn't explode, it just falls apart like a tightly compressed cake of powder whose gel-wrap finally dissolved in water, cascading and scattering bits of itself up into space until there's nothing left.

Now obviously, the moon being destroyed comes as a bit of a shock to me, and it dims the night. But we're walking along a street, so there's streetlights, and there were some clouds in the sky, so when I point at where the moon was and yelp, "WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MOON!?", the folks I'm with presume it's just clouds in the way. I carefully point out to them that no, the moon was right next to that branch (from our perspective) a few seconds ago, and since you can see stars in that area, it means that there isn't just a cloud in the way. The moon, somehow, fell apart. And I really can't be sure (in the dream) if the sudden destruction of the moon will make things a bit weird (lack of tides, problems with crabs, etc..) or if it'll lead to the end of all life on Earth in the near future.
Tags: dream
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