Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

It Sounds Great, When You're Dead

So I've been thinking about those religions out there where Deadland isn't Godshome (I think those two words/terms really ought to be translated into German or some other Northern European language. Anyone want to help me out, here?).

Judaism: Dead folks go to Sheol and don't get to hang out with God. To phrase the logic in a snarky yet humorous way, God's got better things to do than hold your dead hand. To phrase the logic in a nicer way, why should faith end with life?

Grecco-Roman: Dead folks hit the Elysian Fields or Hades, both of which are accessible by divinities, yet neither are really the home of the divine. At best, they have offices there.

Babylonian: Same as Grecco-Roman. When you die, you end up in the twilit land of mud and dust. And as demonstrated in the Descent of Inanna, the divine can head in (and sometimes out), but don't really live there (EG: Erishkigal having her office there with General Manager Ningizhidda and the Pazuzu Yes-Men. That ought to be a band name -- Big Meat Hammer live tonight! Opening band, the Pazuzu Yes-Men!)

Norse: I actually can't recall if Valhalla is a suburb of Godshome or if it's a separate area. Nor can I even recall where bad dead Norsemen go. And it's a tough call if Odin has better things to do than hang out with frat boys.
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