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From the "Things I Shouldn't Wonder in Public" files

So obviously, some pet stores and pet supply stores are perfectly content to sell mice, crickets, and baby chickens for carnivorous pets to eat.

But what about if you wanted a critter normally considered pet-worthy, to use as food for another pet -- Like if your Burmese Devil-Snake just happened to prefer kittens over rodents? Or if you personally preferred puppy-steak over pork chops? I've heard that fruit-fed parrot roasts up quite deliciously. Would/Could/Should they deny the sale, presuming you could assure them that the critter wouldn't suffer any more than your standard snake's dinner-mouse would?

In far geekier musing, I got to talking about the ghouling method in WoD with someone this evening. They wanted to make sure they had it correct that, "Bob and Larry. Both have had a quart of Vitae in them over the last few weeks. Bob had it at once, Larry had a few teaspoons every other day. Bob's a ghoul with a minimal blood bond, Larry's zonked out on the bond but not ghouled." since that doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. It seems to sacrifice logic for the convenience of easily ghouling or bonding some poor shmoe. Plus, there's the whole "drop" deal -- if a vampire puts a drop of vitae on your tongue and that's generally presumed to do it. How about in a cup of coffee, which you drank? How about in the full coffee-pot, of which you had a cup? How about in the 10-gallon water-tank, from which a gallon was drawn to make the pot of coffee, of which you had a cup? If I were to just fiddle with that bit, it'd be a teaspoon consumed within an hour.

If I were to re-write the whole process from scratch, I'd lean more towards something that roughly mirrored pseudo-/semi-natural amphetamine addiction (like ephedrine). As in, at first it's just like anyone introduced to speed; Over time, you build up resistance so you need to take more, eventually your body decreases producing adrenaline since it's getting the oomph from the speed. So you eventually end up with not so much a mental addiction but instead a new physical disorder where you've an adrenaline deficiency if you don't get the speed (which leads to stressful mental conditions when the deficiency kicks in).

Too much Vitae right off the bat might kill you from overdose, but if you take it in 'suggested dosages', you get a little boost (that'd be being able to pump Vitae to physicals and do the healing thing). After a while of that (moreso if you actually -do- use it to pump physicals or heal yourself) you start to get bonded, but you also develop resistance so you can imbibe more without the risk of taking a dirt-nap. After a while of being bonded, you develop so your body needs it, leading to the metabolic shift so you're now a canonical ghoul. That could work, save for it annoying canon-stickler players, since it means all ghouls were, at some point, bonded. And that you can't "just bond" someone without them getting a mechanical benefit, nor can you "just ghoul" someone overnight.

If you want to just get a brainwashed follower who won't potentially cause alarm among their friends and family due to occasionally rapid healing and bouts of superhuman strength, go with some Dominate/Presence mind-trickery.
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