Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

If I could keep thyme in a bottle

A keen little random find: Bottled Garden by soren_grey
Artist's Comments
I found this tiny garden growing inside a glass bottle that had been left in the woods for a few decades... it's beautiful, isn't it? Everything around it was killed by winter's cold, but the plants inside the glass stay warm and live through the season's change unharmed. It's like a jewel or a bubble...

In other news, the difference between keen pictures found on various social networking sites?

* MySpace's offer -- She's from Fairbanks, Alaska, born around the time my family moved from Alaska to Colorado. Her account's wallpaper is this nice tile-able sideshow montage (that's on a PhotoBucket account, so one might want to download and upload to a separate account if one wants to kife it and use it for their own purposes so as to not eat up her bandwidth). She also can provide you with a nice Violent Hearts tile-able montage, and a handy broadsheet for Is Your Child a Zombie?

* FaceBook's offer -- That would be my uncle in the Santa suit. Yes, he had to bleach his beard to get it that white; it took a few bleachings to actually get it white and not just a sort've schmutzy pale yellow. See the big "S" monogram buckle? He didn't like the one he had before, so he forged that one down in the shop. It's solid brass and to get whacked in the face by it would, as the kids say, "mess your shit up".

PS: See this? That's apparently the Ziggurat at Ur; Gilgamesh's stomping grounds (and one of the big reasons for my dreaming of visiting Iraq before we do too many horrible things to it). See the short woman with the nearly platinum-blond hair? That's Leah Bott, who was in Iraq with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. If my theory is correct, that's the same Leah Bott that was one of my best friends from second to fourth grade. Time shall tell if my theory is correct (although lots of things are hinting that it is, since the Ms.Bott pictured used to live in Alaska, and the Ms.Bott I knew in early elementary school had such strikingly platinum blond hair that I still use her as the yardstick for when folks talk about near-white blond hair).
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