Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Captivate my Interest Rate

1) The Guru's not a bad little film. Not great, but not bad; I'd say it'd be worth watching if you don't have to spend more than $3 on it. Kind've feels like if someone remade an old Peter Sellers film (although for those Sellers fans out there, it's not as good as one would expect a Peter Sellers film to be. If you're looking for a nice, yet obscure, Sellers film, try The Bobo).

2) For those who're messing around with FreeRice? It seems 1,000 grains = 1 cup. So if you're unsure how much good you're doing, you just gave someone a free (if not scant) meal each time you hit 1,000.

3) On the 24/7 Christmas music station, they had a rather odd version of "Jingle Bells" the other morning. Instrumental, with strings and banjo. The choruses (chori?) were performed by a few orchestral-style violins, while the stanzas were performed by a bluegrass-style fiddle (doing that discordant country-fiddle thing now and again, as if it were inhaling?) Rather nifty sounding, actually.
Tags: le musique, telemedia
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