Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Bela Lugosi Died For Your Sins

1) So in watching Stormhawks last night/morning before going to bed, the plot of this episode involved them having to get a rare and elusive concentrate that is produced in the guts of dragon -- serpegris. Yes, like ambergris, but dragons instead of whales. This struck me as cute enough that I started to come up with other -gris terms (why should ambergris and verdigris have all the fun, no?) and realized that if someone needed a term for 'the concentrated blood vampires have in them, which they can ick out to make new vampires' and they didn't want White Wolf on their tail for intellectual property and all? Sangregris seems like a really nice term for it!

2) For some reason, at work last night, I was thinking about the Biblical "If thine eye offends thee, pluck it out and cast it away" quote. Why, I've no clue. Still! It dawned on me that maybe, just maybe, the whole eye-plucking thing really is supposed to be that nasty and drastic sounding. Perhaps the idea is that since obviously you're not going to be plucking your eye out at the drop of a hat, perhaps one should take an equal amount of time to consider what is truly offensive or not. IE: It's a sort've Solomon baby-test affair about being quick to judge what should be deemed universally offensive.

Alas, I looked up the rest of the quote once I got home. No luck. Basically, it runs, "If your eye offends you, tear it out and throw it away...because it's better to be pure and one-eyed than sullied and not maimed". Ah well.

3) Talking about being sullied, the idea of a Wizard of Oz based porno came to mind the other day while watching Tin Man. I'm still not sure about the pacing, though.
Tags: etymology, telemedia
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