Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

The Trouble with Poet

S'ok! You know how I mentioned that seaside costume from "By The Sea, Mr.Todd" that I thought liatarded, atomic_roses, and a few others might care for?

PS: miserypudding! candy_cain! wed_mourning! Alexandria Jekot (who doesn't have a LiveJournal so she doesn't get a nifty hyperlink)! Note the clothing design bits I'm stymied by in the comment to/with liatarded below, sil vous plait!

Seems you start off with something like this, as the two of them are thinking of what their hijinx could lead to. He's broodily thinking of how he could exact revenge and she's thinking about how she, or they (hint hint) could live off of the moneys made almost as a married couple (hint hint hint) with a little place out in the country.

Which transitions to a shot by the sea, Mr. Todd. By the seeeeeeeaaaa!

I lo-oo-ove their seaside outfits!
Tags: telemedia
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