Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

Five-Pound Blocks of Cheese! Bags of Groceries!

So here's a question for any fellow squatty Slacker "Look at your paycheck, multiply it by 52, look at the income charts, and think 'Funny, I don't feel sub-impoverished?'" pals: Health Insurance. What does one do for that without having to pay 50% of your income towards insurance?

Is there some Quote-Buy-Print deal like Erin eSurance one can go through?
I tried a thing (yes, a thing) and it could/would only give me rates for some odd "short-term health insurance" policies in my area (Try a Google search for "Health insurance" and it's the first one -- -- seems to be a thing that checks your local rates for you. Alas, it claimed "We currently do not offer Individual and Family Health Insurance in your zip code." when I tried normal Health Insurance estimates).

And in a related story from The Onion.
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