Useless (youngwilliam) wrote,

I'm Picking Out a Thermos, For You

So USA is showing "The Jerk"; You know, the old Steve Martin film?

I forgot all the cute little bits when Steve's character first meets Bernadette Peter's character. Case in point, they're walking along the beach with Steve playing the ukulele, the two of them singing "Tonight You Belong To Me" in two-part harmony. Eventually they get to some rocks where there's a campfire, they sit down, and the song wraps to a close.

Then Bernadette takes out a trumpet from somewhere and breaks into a Louis Armstrong-style solo. Much like this!

"I'll need two forms of ID"
"I have my temporary driver's license, and my astronaut application form...didn't get the job."

"I just heard a song on the radio. It made me think of the way we were."
"What song was it?"
"The Way We Were."
Tags: le musique, telemedia
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